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Clearwater was in desperate need of a new casino since the current one in operation was outdated by  nearly 20 years. It was dark, cold, and did not have a thrilling vibe compared to other casinos in nearby towns.

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It was not going to be a large casino, but it was going to have all the technological breakthroughs of the modern era to make the atmosphere incredible. The Jackpot City team had the guts to make a gigantic investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the gate to ensure the new casino had everything it needed for success.

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Dunder casino and the name

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It resided beside Clearwater RV and there were no other big businesses, shopping outlets, or neighborhoods within the immediate vicinity. The only potential customers who would know Dunder Casino was being constructed were the residents of Clearwater RV. The CEO of Jackpot City knew that it was going to take quite the miracle to pass the Rizk inspection and have Dunder Casino approved to open for business.

The entire Jackpot City team had the guts to stick with the process and see it through that Dunder Casino open despite the challenges that lay ahead.


Jackpot City casino spotted

They poured tons of money into marketing and advertising to ensure the entire city knew about the Jackpot Cityopening of Dunder Casino and its exact location.

They bought a billboard on one of the main highways of the city and they were confident it would be spotted by potential customers.

The phone number for the main office of Jackpot City was plastered on the billboard so curious individuals could call to ask questions.

Jackpot City had built a solid reputation for building quality casinos throughout the region and they thought many people would recognize the brand name on the billboard.

In addition to the billboard, the team bought a couple of radio commercials and a small commercial to be aired about five times per day. The construction of Dunder Casino was nearly completed, and the amount of phone call inquires of the casino increased daily.

Despite the risky location beside Clearwater RV, the Jackpot City corporation thought Dunder Casino had a great shot of success pending the Rizk Inspection. If inspection was cleared, they would be able to open the casino in less than one month.外网加速器下载


Rizk inspections of the casino’s

The Rizk Inspection was not easy to pass and some of the most successful casinos had failed the inspection on occasion. Everything had to be in order for the layout and organization of the casino so there were no potential risks or hazards for the public. Jackpot City had never had a casino fail the inspection, and they did not believe there was any risk for Dunder Casino to fail inspection. However, the Jackpot City team were in for a big surprise the day of the Rizk Inspection.

They learned that they were multiple safety code violations and some of the technology of the casino games failed at the worst possible time. It was highly disappointing since the planned opening of Dunder Casino was only weeks away. Clearing 3

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Upon reading the code violations, they realized some of their protocols and would directly impact the residents of Clearwater RV. The CEO of Jackpot City had a similar situation happen at another casino and knew exactly what he had to do to solve the problem. Clearing 2

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